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The High Price of Gas

Do you think the price of gas is priced too high and that oil companies are evil? This article shines some more light on the subject.

Reverse Mortgage

This article explains the difference between negative, or reverse amortization mortgages and reverse mortgages. There is a big difference.

Making Money in a Down Real Estate Market

Techniques for making money in a falling or flat real estate market are discussed.

Five Ways Lenders Try to Take You For a Ride

You'll sound like a seasoned pro the next time you apply for a mortgage. The originator won't mess with you!

When is a Cup of Coffee Worth $37,000?

Amazing and interesting article on the art of budgeting.

Saving Money With Biweekly Payment Plans

This article explains the ins and outs of Biweekly Mortgages.

10 Questions to Ask the Mortgage Loan Originator

Asking these questions and knowing why will help you get the upper hand when applying for a mortgage.

Higher Interest Rates or More Points?

The age old question; which is better, to pay higher interest rates or more points. This article explains, thoroughly.

Big Money With Distressed Properties

Did you ever want to make money in the distressed properties field? This article will get you started.

What Happens After the Bubble Bursts?

When the bubble bursts, be ready by reading this article.

Leverage, or How to Make Money in Your Sleep

What is leverage and how can it help you make money? This will show you.

Stock Market Rallies - Press Pissed!

In case you haven't noticed, the press is biased. This is a real story on how they have been reporting the market lately.

The Sub Prime Debacle

This article explains what sub prime lenders are and how their problems have affected the stock market.

$310,000 With a $999 Monthly Payment

This is all about Negative Amortization Mortgages and why you should stay away from them.

The Biweekly Mortgage Scam

Do you think Biweekly Mortgages save money. If so, you better read this.

The Latest, Greatest Mortgage

There is a new mortgage around called the accelerator mortgage. This will tell you all about them before you sign on the dotted line.

An Extra $100,000

Ways a home owner can save $100,000 are explained in this article.

Household Income Down!

Household incomes are down and it seems like a very bad sign. Take a look inside the numbers and find out where we're heading.

Shopping for a Bargain

Shopping for a bargain can be frustrating. Let 's take a look at where the best buys are.

Real Estate Investing

For some reason, people who work hard and make a good living are seen as evil. In this article, investor, Ed Lathrop makes the case that this not at all true.

Getting Rich in Real Estate

The first step to becoming rich in real estate is learning the theory behind it. This article will give you pure real estate investing theory.

The Dilemma Faced by Hillary Supporters

There are many who have supported Hillary's quest for the presidency ever since she first came on the scene, but now they must choose; Bill or Hillary!

Relax and Play Better Golf

Too many people make the game of golf all work and no play. "Coach" Jimmie Jones teaches you how to have fun and lower your scores at the same time.

7 Ways to Balance Your Budget and Come Out Ahead at the End of the Month

Too much month at the end of the money? Here are 7 ways to balance your budget and send the creditors packing!

The Price of Crude Oil, How High Will it Go?

According to some people, the price of crude oil, along with gas and heating oil, is going to go up forever. What do you think? $10 a gallon gas? Read on...

Julian Date Calendar

What kind of calendar do we currently use? Do you know every forth year is not necessarily a leap year? By the way the calendar we use is not 100% accurate. There are a lot of facts about calendars most of us don't know. So, if you're ready to read an article guaranteed to make you say,"I didn't know that!" read on...

The No Chance For Foreclosure Method

When the lenderf tells you what your mortgage payment will be, he or she is always wrong. Why? Well, the seem to leave out some very important details!

Facts About Next Blue Moon

Here are some little known facts about blue moons what they are and when they occur. Also, included in the discussion is the famous golden oldie "Blue Moon." Add to that some information about other things named "Blue Moon," and you have one very informative article!

Mortgage Interest Rate History

Written 5-12-2008

The most overlooked fact about the current economy in the U.S. is the very healthy levels we enjoy on mortgage rates. These low rates allow many homeowners to lower their overhead by refinancing. This in turn acts as an economic stimulus as more families gain disposable income. However, trouble looms because a lot of voters are chanting the ever-popular political platitude, "It's time for a change."

Interest Rate Forecast - Is Inflation Right Around the Corner?

Written 10-13-2010

In March of 2009, I wrote an article predicting where mortgage rates were heading. The name of this article is "Mortgage Rate Predictions-What the Charts Are Telling Us." At the time I wrote this article, interest rates were 6 to 6.5%. My article got a lot of very bad reviews because many readers thought I was off my rocker for predicting mortgage interest rates would hit 4%. Actually, there were many more predictions in this article which all came true. So, I'm proud of my article. Now, I will attempt to predict where interest rates will go from here.

Mortgage Rates Predictions - What the Charts Are Telling Us

Written 3-28-2008

Mortgage rates have a lot to do with how well the economy is performing. When mortgage rates go up, people can no longer afford to invest money in new properties. This, of course, brings a slow down to the building trade and it also means less money will be flowing through the economy. So, where are rates headed from here? This article answers this question.